Founder, Amana Yoga


It’s a pleasure to work with you both! You’re so clear and authentic with your vision — it’s inspiring and I’m super excited to learn from you. Thank you.


Musician & Composer


I came to Molly seeking Ayurvedic wisdom and treatment after being diagnosed with a condition called Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), which causes severe digestive symptoms.  I had consulted many doctors previously, all of whom advised me to either make extreme restrictions on my diet or take a course of harsh antibiotics.  I didn't feel either of these approaches would lead me to long-term health, so I sought a new approach in Ayurveda.

When I described my experience to Molly, she was immediately familiar with my symptoms and had detailed ideas about how to treat them with herbal remedies and dietary changes.  She carefully and compassionately listened to the specifics of my symptoms, my physical predisposition and my lifestyle, and used them to create an herbal protocol and dietary/lifestyle guidance for me to follow over the coming six months.

After about six weeks of following her protocol, the worst of my symptoms were gone. After six months, I have sustained this improvement.  Just as importantly to me, I feel empowered in managing my own health with the knowledge I have gained about Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom from Molly.  She conducted thorough check-ins with me about my health throughout this process, so I always felt like I could ask questions and find support when I needed it.  I plan to seek health and wellness consultation from Molly from now on and I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Forest school educator

New Hampshire

I've managed to integrate a number of things into my daily routine and (when I'm able to stay on top of it) I feel so much better. And when things do get out of balance I feel so much more capable of figuring out how to get myself back... so THANK YOU!


Yoga Teacher


So! I had what feels like a life-altering experience doing this cleanse. The mental clarity, capability for controlled patience and will power, among many other benefits contributed to my realization that this needs to become part of my self care routine. Thank you SO much for sharing it with me and I’d love to share the goodness with my friends. I know that one can always benefit from cleanses and detoxes, but I didn’t realize how much I needed to do this, and my perspective is now broader after having successfully followed it!




I love that Ayurveda is like learning your body’s love language. Through learning more about my Ayurvedic mind body type, I’ve been able to learn more about how to best care for my body and how to better love and appreciate myself.  Unlike a lot of health philosophies in the West, Ayurveda celebrates everyone’s unique body types.  Cultivate balance courses have been such an easy and meaningful way to best cater my diet and lifestyle to my own unique body :)


Somatic therapist


Molly's support and guidance has been immensely important to me. Having moved from a humid climate to one that was dry and at a high altitude for graduate school, my body struggled to acclimate. From our first appointment together, her warm and grounding presence made me feel comfortable to speak to her about all aspects of my life. She deeply listened to my challenges, needs, and goals with non-judgement and took a holistic, client-directed approach, customizing her suggestions based on my unique challenges and constitution. In addition, Molly was always available via email to consult as I began to make changes in my lifestyle. With her help over the last year, I have established a supportive daily routine, incorporating nourishing food that support my digestive system, engaging in a meaningful spiritual practice, and integrating exercises and movements that align with my constitution. Each of these changes have improved my energy level and digestion, cleared my skin, strengthened my hair, decreased my anxiety, and most importantly taught me how to listen and connect to my body and intuition. I feel such gratitude for all the time and care that Molly has put into our work together and would highly recommend Cultivate Balance for health and wellness consultations!


Stay at home mom


I just wanted to say how much I am loving part one of The Art of Ayurveda. I feel so enlightened by all of this information. Now I understand a little bit more about my body, my husbands body, and even more on my daughters body. I am able to remember some of this information even just because it makes me think of my daughter with certain aspects of the Pitta Dosha specifically which is what I feel my daughter is out of wack on. My daughter has suffered from moderate to severe eczema since she was 6 months old. Now I finally feel like a light is going off in my head for her. I know now that I have the means to try and help make her better by trying to balance out her Vikruti with different foods and lifestyle changes. Thank you so much!